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Time is our most precious commodity.

My superpower is reclaiming yours. 
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Automation has never been a buzzword for me; it's been the clear path forward.

I found my calling when I fell in love with administering the technology we use in the field.  An accomplished automation architect with a background in mortgage sales, operations, technology, and executive leadership my approach is pragmatic yet forward thinking.


From a young age I always found the shortest way to the goal, without cutting a single corner. While I specialize in the Encompass Mortgage Technology Platform by ICE, I have spent over two decades leveraging automation and designing efficient eco-systems to streamline manufacturing efforts.

I believe that simplicity is key and emphasize the importance of asking the right questions. I have developed an eye for identifying inefficiencies and implementing targeted solutions with precision.


I understand the power of automation in minimizing manual errors, reducing redundant tasks, decreasing turn times, and ultimately tangible ROI. I advocate for strategic architecture, design, and data analytics to drive decision making. I recommend tools and platform improvements that not only meet current business needs but also have the flexibility to adapt and grow with evolving business models. I only build to scale.


Beyond the tech talk, I value the collaboration between humans and technology. When both work together seamlessly businesses can truly dominate. As a thought leader in mortgage technology and operations I am dedicated to empowering others to embrace automation and efficient design to unlock the full potential of their operations.


When I am not creating time in the mortgage process, I am self-publishing a book created to support the spouses of Veterans with PTSD. I genuinely believe every day is an adventure and adore being in the woods. An avid gardener as well as an aquarium enthusiast surrounding myself with nature is vital, even indoors. I also enjoy giving my time as a volunteer; I serve on the Administrative Board for 2 of the 4 non-profits I work with as Treasurer. 


Michael Hammond JD, CMT

Jaki Fanelli
is an automation guru🔥

Logan Judah, LO

Jaki Fanelli is a rockstar and an amazing person!
Her focus on surgical precision and asking the right questions to uncover bottlenecks can indeed lead to significant productivity gains and ROI improvements. This approach not only streamlines operations but also enhances the satisfaction and productivity of teams by reducing redundancy and error. It's a reminder that in automation, as in surgery, the correct initial diagnosis and targeted intervention are keys to success.

Joanne Davis Morgan, VP of Operations

Jaki Fanelli is the bomb on automation!
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