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"With years of extensive experience, Ruth is a leading voice in mortgage banking. Her comprehensive knowledge and innovative approach position her as a trusted advisor in the industry's ever-evolving landscape."

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
in Mortgage Banking

Super proud of my capstone project - AI in Mortgage Banking.

Confused by all the buzzwords? Don't worry.

At Big Think, we turn complex algorithms into simple solutions—no PhD required.

We are collaborating with the best minds in the industry on the impact of AI on data analysis and risk assessment, fraud detection, market prediction, disintermediation using machine learning models, anomaly detection algorithms, models like GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer), and LSTM (Long Short-Term Memory) neural networks. 


The future is bright... we are here to help you get through the hype.

New Offerings

A winner of the Ellie Mae Hall of Fame, now know as the ICE Innovation Award Jaki Fanelli is offering mini-engagements. Save hundreds of hours and get it right the first time with this invaluable insight into the complex components of mortgage automation optimization.  10X ROI with this incredible short-term engagement.

Jaki Fanelli, Automation Architect


1312 17th Street

Suite 654

Denver CO 80202-1508


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