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Why Big Think &
Ruth Lee, CMB

About Me: Ruth Lee, CMB

Mortgage banking isn't just my profession; it's my sport. From being an elite originator in the '90s to leading tech-enabled mortgage companies, I've navigated every facet of this dynamic industry.


My Journey

I started my career as a high-performing originator, closing north of $5MM per month. At that time, loan amounts were significantly smaller, yet the passion for creating meaningful deals was colossal. From there, I've led retail mortgage companies and introduced technology that streamlined operational challenges.

Resilience & Learning

I've withstood the trials of the Great Recession, adapted to regulatory evolutions like TRID, and navigated the operational complexities brought on by COVID-19. The tougher the challenge, the more valuable the lessons learned.

Expertise & Problem-Solving

My operational wheelhouse spans from warehouse lending to NPL and RPL transfers. Whether it's loan-level compliance, MERS reconciliation, or whole loan purchase reviews, if I haven't done it, rest assured, I know someone brilliant who has. In other words,  I've done a lot—not everything—but an impressive variety of 'a lot.'

Personal Life

When I'm not conquering mortgage mountains, I indulge in the thrills of skiing and scuba diving. Residing in beautiful Colorado with my best decision, Mike Lee, and our three fur kids—Ned, Jefferson, and Adams—keeps life interesting. My rich Cajun-Mexican heritage and membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution add unique colors to my tapestry of life.

Big Think and Beyond

As the Founder and CEO of Big Think, I specialize in developing big ideas, diagnosing internal challenges, and delivering empowering solutions. Because let's face it: a solution is only half as good if it doesn't improve sales or customer service.

The Future is Bright: AI in Mortgage Banking

But what really ignites my imagination these days is the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence in mortgage banking. The confluence of AI with mortgage operations is akin to a star quarterback meeting an all-star team: it's a game-changer. From data analysis and risk assessment to fraud detection and predictive algorithms, AI is not just the future; it's the now. And I'm committed to being at the forefront of this exciting juncture.


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