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Ruth is a tremendous talent! Great project management skills with an aptitude for refining operations, as well as for client relations and building channels. Uncanny ability to cut through the clutter and hone in on what's important.

David Fleig, President/CEO MorVest

"With extensive experience, Ruth is a leading voice in mortgage banking. Her comprehensive knowledge and innovative approach position her as a trusted advisor in the ever-evolving landscape of the industry."

Dana C. Abernathy, CMB, AMP, ELI - MP


Ruth and I were on the same team for MBA's Future Leaders. Her vision, persistence, and creativity were significant drivers for our project. She is an excellent speaker, marketer and with the ability to see the big picture and she can tie together various parts of an organization to make it whole. I enjoy my opportunities to interact with Ruth. I always gain new perspectives and knowledge. 

Chelsea Balak, Director, Operations

wemlo, Re/Max

Ruth’s honest, problem focused feedback targeted the behaviors that were holding back my career growth. We navigated through challenging conversations and devised game plans all while staying authentic to me. In doing so, we have developed a genuine relationship. We have built trust and her feedback has impacted both my professional and personal relationships. If you want to increase your career trajectory, you need Ruth Lee at Get Big Think.

Dean Brown, CEO

Mortgage Capital Management, Inc.

Ruth is a leader in the mortgage industry with a deep understanding of how to get things done - in the right way.  I recommend Ruth to anybody who needs the knowhow to get loans funded properly and accurately.

Grant LaViale, Market Leader

Movement Mortgage

It's not always easy being in a leadership role, and often, we have blind spots that we are unaware of. It's also essential to have the ability to communicate with someone you can be vulnerable with yet, at the same time, have trust in them. It's also necessary to have a coach who understands your business and has held higher positions than you are currently in so they can share best practices and what to avoid. This is where I have been blessed to have Ruth Lee by my side over the past several years to help guide me and my team. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise is exceptional. She can be 100% authentic, genuine, and, at times, very raw, which a great coach requires. I am not looking for a friend or a yes person, but I seek advice, suggestions, and, more importantly, constructive criticism. It’s because of this that I am pleased to introduce Ruth to anyone looking to improve or elevate their game.  You will not be disappointed.
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