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"Winning at the mortgage game requires understanding your strengths and weaknesses, assessing the same in your competitors and using that information to your benefit."

The Art of Mortgage Banking

Meet Ruth

Certified Mortgage Banker

Mortgage is my sport.  Every day I get to work with mortgage executives consulting on their products, go to market strategies, and leadership development.

I was a highly successful originator, I built my own mortgage company, I started a highly successful national services provider during a meltdown, and now I am building this consulting business to amplify my clients vision.


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Data Reconciliation

Diversity & Inclusion



Executive Leadership



High-Performing Team Building


Your ideal advisor has walked in your shoes and faces challenges from an executive's perspective.  This isn't the time to "Google" it... you need a mortgage banker with a clear understanding of your business and the business of mortgage investors, warehouse lenders and servicers.

Ruth and I were on the same team for MBA's Future Leaders. Her vision, persistence, and creativity were significant drivers for our project. She is an excellent speaker, marketer and with the ability to see the big picture and she can tie together various parts of an organization to make it whole. I enjoy my opportunities to interact with Ruth. I always gain new perspectives and knowledge. 

- Dana C. Abernathy, CMB, AMP, ELI - MP

Ruth’s honest, problem focused feedback targeted the behaviors that were holding back my career growth. We navigated through challenging conversations and devised game plans all while staying authentic to me. In doing so, we have developed a genuine relationship. We have built trust and her feedback has impacted both my professional and personal relationships. If you want to increase your career trajectory, you need Ruth Lee at Get Big Think.

- Chelsea Balak, Director, Operations

Integrity, intellect and critical thinking. When I think of Ruth, those are three of her attributes that spring first to mind and that make working with her so rewarding. Ruth’s rare blend of skills, her deep business experience and her ability to consistently and effectively apply them both elevate any project of which she is a part.

- Stephen Wojnar, CMB, CMT

Ruth is a leader in the mortgage industry with a deep understanding of how to get things done - in the right way.  I recommend Ruth to anybody who needs the knowhow to get loans funded properly and accurately.

- Dean Brown, CEO

I have known Ruth for many years and had the opportunity to work with her on several occasions. I have found her to be extremely customer focused, trustworthy and knowledgeable. She is friendly, outgoing and actually cares about delivering quality service and ensuring that her customer is satisfied. I think she is type of salesperson that we all wish we had in our organizations. 

- Burton Embry, EVP

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