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Keep it Simple: The Power of Automation and Efficient Design in Mortgage Banking Technology

by Jaki Fanelli

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Our world moves fast. Lightspeed fast. Efficiency is paramount. As an automation architect specializing in the Encompass Mortgage Technology Platform by ICE, I’ve seen firsthand how the right approach to automation and system design can revolutionize operations, boost ROI, and streamline processes.

You can achieve incredible success without delving into the complexities that often come to mind when considering automation possibilities.

It's imperative to ask the right questions. Too often, businesses can get lost in the maze of complicated solutions without pinpointing the root issue.

I thrive on identifying bottlenecks. Your team may have an inkling of their locations, but sometimes it takes asking the right questions, layer by layer, to uncover them. Redundant tasks and inefficient communication are easy to spot, but the real culprits often lurk within the layers of processes that have accumulated over time.

Legacy cleanup may seem daunting, but over my 20 years, I've consistently witnessed the remarkable productivity gains achieved through surgical precision within your architecture with minimal effort. When you ask the RIGHT question, you'll find where to make the cut.

Once you identify the root cause, you can work toward solutions and automate much of the process. As someone who approaches operations and technology holistically, automation has never been just a buzzword for me; it's been the clear path forward. By automating repetitive tasks, minimizing manual errors, and streamlining workflows, you're maximizing efficiency and productivity. How different is time from money to you?

Simple solutions can yield extraordinary results. It's about understanding the nuances of your operations and tailoring automation to fit into your existing framework seamlessly. It's tempting for technology-driven solutionists to envision massive overhauls that, frankly, scare you. From an operations perspective, they would scare me too, and post-closing is often left to brace for the change.

Smooth automation integrates into your framework seamlessly; it's a tool, but you have to understand how to use it well. A hammer isn't helpful if you don't know where the nails must go.

If you want to scale, be flexible, and integrate without disrupting your company, you need to prioritize how you think about architecture. This involves being strategic, selecting tools and platforms that not only serve your company's needs but can also grow with you and your model.

Let’s not forget how happy humans are when they no longer must perform the same tasks repeatedly or rectify the same mistakes. I've seen a thousand workarounds, and I'll see a thousand more. You can quote me when I tell you there are workarounds in your bottlenecks.

Intuitive interfaces and seamless interactions will unleash the full potential of your mortgage technology. Dive into strategy and design while keeping the rest of the ecosystem in mind. It is powerful when humans collaborate when your technology does too – you dominate.

From a leadership position, it's clear how all these factors will change your ROI. Invoices matter, but such efficiency saves across multiple departments while enhancing the overall quality of your product. Days vanish from your timelines.

So, the next time you face a mortgage technology roadblock or opportunity, remember to dive into your architecture, ask the right questions, and find the solution with surgical precision.

Jaki Fanelli is a seasoned industry veteran and expert in automation in Mortgage Banking. A new addition to the Big Think consulting team, she has been integral in redefining our posture on automation. Her new mini-engagement walks client through their ASO configuration. Contact Jaki @ to get on her calendar for a no obligation thirty-minute consultation.

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