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A Special Thanksgiving Toast to the Unsung Heroes in Mortgage Banking

🍂🥧 As we gather around the Thanksgiving table, brimming with turkey and trimmings, let's take a moment to raise a toast to our real MVPs - the families behind each one of us in the rollercoaster world of mortgage banking!

To the spouses who've mastered the art of nodding knowingly when discussing interest rates at dinner, and to the kids who think "Salesforce" is a new game we play. You're the cornerstone of our sanity in this industry.

Thank you for being our gracious cheerleaders and for magically understanding that when we say we'll be done by 7, it's more of a hopeful estimate than a fact.

In this industry, where change is the only constant and 'closed' is our favorite word, your unwavering support is our secret superpower. So, here's to you - our families, the silent warriors who make every 'closed deal' and 'navigated challenge' possible.

Happy Thanksgiving to our extended Big Think family! May your homes be filled with joy, laughter, and a little less mortgage talk this holiday season. 🦃💛

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