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AI: My Mid-Life Crisis? Part One

For almost a decade, we've relied heavily on Google as our primary source of information. However, it has often fallen short, mainly as a guide pointing us toward various data sources but seldom providing direct, precise answers. The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolutionizes this process, enhancing the way we access information.

Now, with AI, we are witnessing an advanced tool that does not merely redirect us to external sources but directly offers detailed and reliable information. This tool works like an intellectual companion, processing our questions in real time and providing relevant, data-backed responses. It's not just about directing us to a webpage; it's about understanding our query, dissecting it, and delivering a concise and tailored answer. This is a profound leap from how we previously accessed data - it's like having a knowledgeable personal assistant, ever-ready, to provide clear and accurate information.

For several years, I've carved a successful career as a consultant, immersing myself in diverse, complex challenges, particularly within Financial Technology (FinTech). The dynamic landscape of this sector has provided a thrilling roller-coaster ride of intellectual and professional growth. However, with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a new horizon unfolds, one that piques my curiosity and beckons my exploration.

As both a consultant and a business owner, I bring a dual perspective to this exploration of AI. My extensive consulting experience has honed my understanding of user adoption - how new technologies are accepted, adopted, and integrated into daily operations. As a business owner, I'm attuned to the realities of the market, especially in the financial cost and resource allocation required for implementing new technologies.

Like any professional, mortgage bankers seek effective solutions that streamline processes and enhance efficiency. However, they also need to consider the practicality of these solutions. Adopting a new technology should not be a financial burden or a diversion from their core creative functions. Balancing these factors is where the true challenge and opportunity lie.

Thus, I aim to understand AI from these distinct but intertwined perspectives - how it can shape and transform the FinTech landscape, particularly for mortgage bankers. Can AI provide solutions that not only fulfill practical needs but also resonate with users, all while being cost-effective and feasible? That's the exciting question I'm looking forward to uncovering.

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