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Heather Best from Optimal Blue: "Market Information & Efficiency Tools"

  • As the Business Relationship Manager of your Optimal Blue account, my priority is to provide you with tools to create efficiencies in your processes, which result in getting time back to spend how you choose.

  • There has been much talk lately about fear ~ uncertainty ~ doubt. Yes, this is a time like we have never experienced, but we have also never had the resources and virtual immediate access to people, information, and the world. Likely, the last thing you want to do right now is evaluate a new product or listen to a sales pitch…luckily I’m here to offer an open ear to provide insight or confirm a good strategy, and the support that you or your team may need. Below, please find insights into some tools as well as non-work funnies, as my grandma used to say.

  • April 1st, OB launched a free tool showing mortgage trends and rate activity. Since OB touches more than 1 in 3 loans nationally, the data is robust & growing daily. Here is a snippet from Daily Market Briefing 04-14-20: **Pull-Through Rates Edge Back Up**

  • The BLUELINE BLOG has lots of great articles and posts with current & relevant industry topics…ranging from recent record-setting volumes to managing your pipeline through the COVID-19 (which incidentally has become my new swear word – oh COVID!)…and yes, the CARES Act and its impact on the market.

  • Get ready to interact with people in person again & learn a fun, new skill. Ok, not to brag, but…I can recite all the States in alphabetical order – actually sing them, yes from a song I learned in grade school ~ but I have always wanted to learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube…so, that is my challenge…what are you going to learn?

  • Last week AEI, The American Enterprise Institute, used OB data to update their weekly Housing Market Report. Here is a link to the article and full report. This report delivers some interesting insights into activity driving mortgage applications.

  • Ok, this video is sure to bring you to tears…the current state of affairs with the “stay at home” guidelines is causing even the smallest of us to break a little…all in good fun 😊

  • Webinars sure have picked up interest ~ yes, I even read about a webinar on how to hold effective webinars…not quite a head-scratcher, but relevant nonetheless. Optimal Blue has a series of upcoming webinars as well as past webinar recordings one can watch at his/her leisure…on-demand…dare we call it the OB version of Netflix? Nothing with fangs or tigers or wonky storylines…but good info on tools that are designed to help create efficiencies for you and your team.

  • Anyone who has met me knows that baseball is my jam! I have baseballs and glitter running through my veins. I am desperately missing the sound of the bat when the ball is launched into the outfield, the quiet still of the air when there is an epic pitching duel, the warmth of the sun on my skin listening to the National Anthem, the hustle down to first even when the batter knows he will be thrown out. I even miss the “L’s”…because that is when we can see the true character of the team. I’m currently reading Moneyball which also happens one be one of my top ten favorite movies. There are so many lessons we can draw from the movie and the game during these challenges we face daily. It’s a process, it’s a process, it’s a process. When the other team bunts, take the out and say thank you. We will get through this ~ we ARE getting through this. Personally, I’m keeping the faith that my son & every other baller will get the chance to take the field this Spring, and in my son’s case, defend the State Championship in his Senior year of High School with his mates who are also his best friends.

  • Stay safe out there ~ I can’t wait to see everyone again, and elbow bump or whatever we’ll be doing instead of shaking hands, and remember to Mind The Gap

For more information and insights, contact:

Heather L. Best

Business Relationship Manager

Cell: 303-868-1168

Optimal Blue |

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