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The Mortgage Industry is ready for neurodiversity and autism.

Here is a great article exploring how the mortgage industry is becoming prepared to welcome neuro-divergent and, specifically, autistic talent. The growth of autism prevalence is a reality we all face, whether as borrowers or as employees. It is important for the mortgage industry to adapt our marketing, education, internal processes and collaboration to encourage the participation of our autistic colleagues and clients.

Your “Autism Awareness Day” Might Be Excluding Autistic People

by Ludmila N. Praslova

April 01, 2022

Harvard Business Review Neurodiversity Section

Click on the picture to access the article.


Forward-looking organizations can do much better than having an outdated, performative Autism Awareness Day. People outside of the autism community often receive contradictory information about which “awareness” efforts are welcomed, with the mainstream media, parents of autistic children, and adult autistic self-advocates presenting very different perspectives. The confusion over the language and symbolism reflects the philosophical divide between the medical perspective on autism that has primarily dominated the awareness conversation in the mainstream and the neurodiversity perspective. Leaders need to understand the origins of these mixed and changing messages, then take steps to celebrate and include the autistic community meaningfully.

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