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What is ChatGPT? In its own words...Part Two

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

by Ruth Lee, CMB

I've been mucking about with ChatGPT, MidJourney, DALL-E, and AutoGPT for months, and I thought I would start some of my documentation with ChatGPT telling us what ChatGPT thinks it is, in its own words:

Alright, think of ChatGPT like a parrot on some serious brain-boosting birdseed. It can squawk out all sorts of fancy phrases and long-winded lectures, translate bird calls from any language, and even whip up a poem that could make a nightingale weep.
But don't be fooled, my friend. Just like that parrot, ChatGPT doesn't truly understand a word it's saying. It's all just mimicry based on the countless hours it spent eavesdropping on internet chatter.
And oh, a heads-up! Don't bother asking it for its favorite color or its opinion on pineapple on pizza. It doesn't have personal beliefs or feelings. So, no matter how convincingly it squawks, remember: it's just a really, really smart parrot—a product of some folks at OpenAI who might have had a bit too much caffeine.
As of my last software update, the latest and greatest version of this chatbot brain is GPT-3. But who knows? They could be cooking up GPT-4, GPT-5, or GPT-Infinity by now! Check the latest deets online, mate!

Can you do that in a Twitter post with hashtags?

Meet #ChatGPT, OpenAI's brainy bird. Fluent in squawking essays, translating bird calls, even penning poetry. But remember, it's all parrot talk, no personal beliefs or feelings. Just a super smart mimicker of internet chatter. Latest model? #GPT3. Stay tuned for updates! #AI #OpenAI 🐦💬🤖

AI doesn't lie...

Imagine having a team of brilliant professors from renowned institutions like Harvard, Princeton, Yale, or even my alma mater, Mount Holyoke, at your fingertips, all without the hefty price tag. However, it's worth noting that these impressive resumes come with unique opinions and biases. While ChatGPT excels at distilling information, we, as human users, must be aware of its potential susceptibility to manipulation.

Fortunately, the creators of AI have anticipated this challenge. They are actively developing techniques to identify bias, employ fairness metrics, and prioritize transparency. These efforts encompass responsible data collection and utilization and foster diverse teams. Recently, the CEO of OpenAI testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee, underscoring the significance of sound regulation and transparent data provenance.

Will AI take my job?

Rest assured; AI isn't going to replace humans anytime soon. Your job is just as secure as it was when the steam engine or the printing press was invented. Embracing AI is like embarking on an exhilarating journey toward enlightenment, unlocking the vast potential hidden within the previously inaccessible sea of data. This exploration is where the true opportunities lie in the mortgage banking industry.

Simultaneously, AI helps us sift through the immense amount of misinformation flooding that ocean of data. As we speak, AI aids us in distinguishing fact from fiction. However, the vital task of discernment remains a distinctly human responsibility, made more efficient by collecting, documenting, and analyzing copious amounts of data through AI. Rest assured, it is still the domain of human expertise, at least for now.

Embrace the exciting revolution of AI, for it democratizes knowledge, opens new doors, and presents remarkable prospects in the mortgage industry. Let's venture forth into this world of limitless possibilities together! 🧠💡🏦 #ChatGPT #DemocratizingKnowledge #AIRevolution #MortgageIndustryOpportunities

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