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The Skeptic’s Conundrum: Shiny Object or Executive Elixir?

Updated: Feb 27

By Ruth Lee, CMB

Recently, I was sitting on mute in the background of a Zoom call when I heard some rickety old-fashioned talk from folks I hold in high esteem. (To be fair - I am GenX and struggle with hashtags - so...) And they totally dismissed generative AI, relegating it to the same compartment as blockchain—an innovation, to be sure but chalk and cheese by comparison. It led me to really consider: Has the bright sparkle of generative AI bewitched me? Is it a distraction that could transform me into an unthinking automaton chasing after some kid named John Connor?

These questions are neither flippant nor unfounded. After all, who hasn’t heard about that entrepreneur who reportedly replaced an army of customer service representatives in foreign lands with a single chatbot? Premature... but it could happen. But such anecdotal evidence shouldn't overshadow the transformative potential of generative AI.

I've done a lot of thinking, reading, prompting, and my conviction remains steadfast - not a 'shiny object'; it's a multifaceted gem with genuine utility. It aligns beautifully with my endeavors in mortgage banking, leadership development, and operational excellence without tethering me to a dystopian narrative. To dismiss it summarily is to miss out on a unique confluence of utility, efficiency, and innovation. I will be better because of it.

So, to my esteemed colleagues and skeptics, I say: “You do you. It's your career.” But I can't help but wonder what they’re missing out on, shrouded in a veil of skepticism.

Credit also to ChatGPT, Grammarly, my college "English as a Political Language" professor, Sister Jean from 4th-grade grammar, my Mom making me read all those Nancy Drew books, and all of the other critical participants in my writing here today... just in case I need to get defensive about the provenance of my writing.

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